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Ameritron Amplifiers

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After many years now, Ameritron amplifiers are still a top seller by ham radio operators!  They offer the most power for your buck and they are all based on proven designs that have been around for years!  Despite what some of their competitors may claim, their amateur linear HF amps use heavy duty parts and often will deliver more watts then what the company advertises them to be.  They beef up their linear amps with heavy duty power supplies and typically use "silver-plated" inductors and coils for a very dependable and efficient tank circuit!  The full Ameritron Lineup includes the AL-1500, AL-1200, AL-572, AL-800, AL-800H, AL-811, AL-811H, AL-82, AL-80B, ALS-1300 (1200 watt, solid state model), ALS-600 (600 watt solid state model), and the ALS-500M (500 watt mobile solid state version).  All Ameritron amplifiers are a tube type design, unless otherwise noted.   

At the top of the HF Ameritron amplifier food chain is the Ameritron AL-1500 which uses ones of the best tubes you'll find in the amateur radio market, the 8877 (also known as a 3CX1500) tube.  Not only is it one of the most powerful, it also has extremely high gain.  Despite the AL-1500 being rated as a 1500 full legal limit linear amp, at the factory they are designed to pass a 2500 watt PEP tone test for a 1/2 an hour!  This single tube has so much gain, that normally it only takes 65 to 75 watts drive to hit full legal limit plus! 

For those on a budget, many of the used Ameritron amplifiers are close to "half" their new cost (depending on condition).  For those that need that little extra "oomph", but have a tight budget, you should consider a used Ameritron AL-811 or AL-811H, which is a new design, yet has one of the most affordable prices compared to most new and used ham amplifiers you'll find for sale today (and still even made today) compared to more aging designs in the heathkit, amp supply, and Dentron amps for example..  

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