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Ameritron AL-80A Amplifier For Sale

Ameritron AL-80A Amplifier


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The Ameritron AL-80A is a single tubed 3-500 amateur radio amplifier that is rated at 1kw PEP.  It also operates on 10 meters with a simple mod.  Most of these in the used market come with the 10 meter mod already done however.  since it's a single tube, maintenance, tuning, and repairing are more simple and less expensive compared to other amps.  It's also easier to drive to full output with just a standard 100 watt transceiver versus those amps that feature dual 3-500zs.  This company is also known for beefing up their power supplies, so generally have a rugged and reliable history to them.

What is nice about the Ameritron AL-80A is you can run them off of your choice of either 110 or 220 volts (220 produces slightly better high voltage efficiency, so you gain little better output in this mode of course).  It's often said that the difference between 1kw and a full 1500 watts out is barely noticeable on the S-meter, however the price between amps is definitely noticeable!  Unlike the original AL-80 (or Heathkit SB-1000 whom Ameritron bought this design from), this one has a more modern design, better look, and some electronic component improvements.  It also has dual fully functional meters to measure power output, plate current, grid current, and voltage! 

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