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Ameritron AL-572 For Sale

Ameritron AL-572


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The Ameritron AL-572 amplifier gets its name from the types of tubes it used (4 x 572Bs) and it was made to be a near full legal limit (rated at 1300 watts) for the HF bands.  It does operate on the 10 meter band, with a very simply mod (the used models for sale typically have this minor modification already done though).  Many don't know of all the safety enhancements this company makes with their current line of amps and this one is no exception, to help them last a long time without issues.  They had step-start tube protection, their parasitic killer feature (to also protect components), pressurized ventilation, and a heavy duty, over-rated power supply! 

The nice thing about the Ameritron AL-572 (along with most from the line from this company) is the input SWR on them is well tuned on all bands!  If some reason they're not, they also have adjustable Pi-Network tuned input too!  As far as features, will there just isn't much to most ham radio amplifiers, (which is good, as you normally just want to amplify the signal and go).  The dual meters provide all the necessary info such as SWR, Power Output, ALC, voltage, and what not and you have your plate, load, and band selector controls.  As far as looks, well the two-tone dark color scheme, with white lettering looks quite nice and blends in well with most amateur radio equipment as well.  Despite the hype, this is one of the most watts you'll find for your dollar, unless you're looking to buy something 20 years older, with an aging design and parts.  These are much newer and modern compared to the Heathkits and Dentrons.  The tubes can last a long time as long as they're not driven to death.  Ameritron also beefs up their power supplies, so despite having a lower price than some other brands, they can prove to be quite reliable. 

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