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Ham Radios For Sale


Ham Radios For Sale

Ham Radios For Sale 

Welcome to Ham Radios For Sale dot org website!  We specialize in both new and used amateur transceivers and equipment along with hand written, expert reviews on some of the top models within the hobby.  We provide an easy, seamless way to check out both prices and inventory on various models of amateur radio transceivers and associated gear to help those new to the hobby or have a strict budget to follow get up and running.  You can also find some of the top of the line Amateur equipment so this site is also great for those that are seeking to improve their current station and equipment. You have the option to view all amateur equipment for sale, or narrow your search by using our easy page navigation to find a specific model of interest.  We hope you enjoy our site and welcome any amateurs that would also like to support us with their own transceiver reviews or any hams would also like to use our site to list their own equipment for sale.

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Whether you're looking for a good deal on an almost new, state of the art DSP amateur radio transceiver, a VHF/UHF mobile rig, and/or an antique/vintage solid state or tube type boat anchor for sale, you can find them here!  By using our new and used sections, you can save up to 50-75% of what most HF and VHF rigs today cost new! 

To find inventory, simply use our left navigation menu or the link below.  You'll find all band HF amateur transceivers starting under $200 and 2 meter vhf mobiles starting under $50!!  In addition, we have listings for linear amplifiers, antennas, microphones, wattmeters, power supplies, dummy loads, coax cable, rotors, and even grounding equipment!

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Ham Radio Sale


Sell Your Own Ham Radio Equipment For Free.  You can also contact us with any special requests you have, however you'll see most of our gear on eBay or on here directly.  Our inventory changes weekly, so make sure to add us to your favorites.